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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Nokia N73 Music Edition was the most loyal, humble and an absolutely awesome phone. I have used it like a crazy person - played music on full volume, surfed the net, used it for my selfish gaming purposes, downloaded dozens of applications, clicked so many pictures, plus being a butter fingered person, it has fallen off my hands with ear splitting-heart wrenching thuds a million times without a scratch or a crack. Half of my friends have their profile pictures on Facebook clicked by my phone….it was simply amazing….but after its loyal service of 3 years its time for a technology upgrade. So what I need is a Phone replacement.

In the fight between the two best(S), the better than best always wins, so did my new phone. The Closest competitor was SE Satio.

I had almost fallen in love with the Red SE Satio; The 12.1 MP Camera with Xenon Flash and Face & Smile detection was really tempting enough to choose it blindly for a person like me, for whom the Phone is  substitute for a camera and a music system. The colour out put was too good, SE always had better colours than Nokia some 777 colours more as per the specifications to be specific (that dosen't matter since I'm colour blind) and Video LED Support. Sound quality as any SE phone was ok not so great but cant be called bad

But what opened my eyes was when I found these phone specifications, and it was tailored for my needs, wants & greed (compromising on the camera part).It has an whopping 256 MB Ram and 32 GB Permanent storage compared to 128MB Internal Memory, and expandable 32GB of Satio. My new phone aka Tablet PC has all the functions that a PC can do in a much better way than Satio which is just an entertainment Gadget, Although this one has just 5MP Camera it’s not that bad after all it can give you real clear pictures and is pretty decent . It has on-screen as well as real keyboard to type in, unlike Satio which has just online QWERTY Keyboard, which is one of the biggest reasons I thumbs downed Satio. My new phone has an operating system MAEMO Sounds funny, no idea what is is…but feels good when you touch it in the screen, when you move from one screen to the other its just so different yet so simple.

"oh yes forgot to mention the best feature on this phone, we can call other people on their phones irrespective what model they have or on what software their phone runs, we can still talk to them..isn't that a great technology ...actually that was one of the reasons why phone was discovered...Alex you listening to the new Tring Trings ???!!"

But in the end its totally on our choice to choose the Entertainer or the Multitasker, and I Chose the multitakser Nokia N900 over Satio

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The begining......of the BEGINING!!

As any new blogger would say , I say the same "I'm not a great writer, I haven't come here to be one too"

This blog would be like any note pad where I can scrible anythin what I like....and anyways I can't do anything better here

Just for the begining...I thought to introduce myself to my blog


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